A few years ago I won a walking holiday in Scotland for two courtesy of Smooth Radio and Macs Adventure.  It was the first time I had ever won a holiday and I remember feeling overwhelmed with excitement, finally realizing that you can indeed win big!
The trip was the ‘Fife Coastal Path’ – Short Break. We stayed in really cute guesthouses and had door to door baggage transfer included. We arrived in Kirkcaldy and then travelled to Leven, Elie and then onto Crail.  We visited Buckhaven, Pittenweem and Ediburgh along the way and I believe we covered 31 miles of walking in total, which doesn’t seem a whole lot but by the last day we felt we had done a marathon! The scenery was absolutely spectacular and there is a lot to be said for watching the world go by.


A self- directed coastal break across the wilderness of Scotland
“Relying solely on our map reading skills we journeyed on foot. We crossed wide-stretched open fields where we were pelted with torrential rain with nowhere to hide, we lost our bearings from the unfamiliar territory with each direction looking the same.
We found ourselves clinging on the edge of a cliff face with gusts of wind swirling all around us, thunderstorms cracking loudly in the distance and rain engulfing our bodies. We clung onto our surrounds with our entire strength still aching with pain from the rugged terrain. Nobody can underestimate the power and complexity of nature and in that moment I had never felt more alive.”


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